Similar meaning to annoying however the individual is so fucking rattled and pissed off he forgets the n.

The missing n can be located in the depths if hell.
Holly fuck Jake is so fucking anoying, I think I'm going to bash my head against a wall now.
by JakewithouttheD March 31, 2016
A nice girl. If you ever meet someone named Anoi, they will probably be your bestfriend!
by Mr.Duckles April 5, 2017
Anois is a fancy way of saying anus. It is pronounced similar to some french words. (A-new-ah)
I want to put my penois in your anois.
by Rezerorem August 28, 2018
A game played in english drinking institutions playing with fate by trying to get as close to having your head kicked in as you can, but escaping with your life.
Commonly engaged in by pikeys, schoolkids and students the game consists of two or more friends sitting across a bar/club and competing to say the word 'oi' to one another, each time louder than the last. The person who says it loudest, or gets beaten shitless/makes a miraculous esccape/gets kicked out first wins. Other words such as 'John' can be used to prolong the game and create additional confusion.

For reasons of public safety, dont play the game with the following words:
by Ruben June 9, 2003