Nanny meaning feces or poop
My stomach was hurting, so I had to nanny.
by carmeljo woodside November 1, 2022
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What a person (usually a female) will call themselves when they are actually a babysitter and just want to sound more grown up.
Jack: "So what do you do for a living?"
Jill: "I'm a nanny"
Jack: "So you go to the kid's house every day, feed them, teach them things, buy groceries with the parents money for them, run errands for the family, that sort of stuff?"
Jill: "Uhhh, no, I just go over every once in a while and watch the kid for a few hours"
Jack: "You're a fucking babysitter."
by Don'tLie November 10, 2011
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Tiny ladies that will sneak up on you while you sleep.
Skyler-did you hear about Pepe tying his nanny to a tree during the party?
Maria-no way!
Skyler- rich kids am I right
by Pipuple May 12, 2016
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The caretaker of anothers children for pay. Equivalent to a mercenary, but much more maternal. In history, nanny's have often been noted to effectively replace the biological parents in many respects, or at least take over many of the fundamental tasks of parenthood such as feeding, cleaning and caring for ones offspring.
- Now that we have a nanny, we can smoke crack on the weekend and she'll take care of little Susie!
by Shaytan June 30, 2010
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A child technician who babysits infants around 4-16y.o. The type of work involves mostly to supervise the child, watching a sleeping child, to playing games, cooking, teaching the child to read.
I don't want my son to become a latchkey kid so I rather hire a nanny.
by Tayo Nguyen November 18, 2010
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same as pussy
She had a shaved nanny with just a little stubble on it.
by sammy Patrick September 10, 2003
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