The affects you feel off of a drug thats an upper, such as cocaine,crack,ecstacy,adderral, or meth.
after taking ecstacy: "im speeding dude"
by klshjdjd January 16, 2010
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It's like jaywalking, an offense that virtually everyone commits. There difference between the two is that speed laws are actually enforced (though quite selectively), usually to meet quotas.
Oh noes you were speeding 90 mph in the middle of the night on the interstate with no other cars within a mile what a danger to other citizens
by Shadow Creator December 25, 2007
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To take the drug 'speed'
"Hey i got £20, what you wanna do?"
"lets go speeding"
by Zeitgeist August 03, 2006
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When music is playing is synonymous for speeding. When the beats are speeding it means that the music is playing. The word does have a reference to tempo. You wouldn't say that "Love and Happiness" by Al Green is speeding. You would say it about faster tracks.
Touch the Sky was speeding on my iPod.
by dumbfoundeadfan March 26, 2011
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having sex whilst the female partner is having her time of the month. "Speeding thru a red light"
Boy: Lets get it on,
Girl: Can't, its my time of the month,
Boy: it's fine, we can go speeding!
by paul chan May 08, 2006
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Speed is the street form of amphetamine, nearly identical to adderall. Speed may be confused with the more addictive substance, Methamphetamine}. SPEED IS NOT METH!
Dude, this fucking speed has kept me awake for three days straight!
by Fender7083 November 21, 2014
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OK… Here we go. Focus. Speed. I am speed. One winner. 42 losers. I eat losers for breakfast. Breakfast. Wait, maybe I should have had breakfast. A little breck-y could be good for me. No, no, no, stay focused. Speed. I’m faster than fast. Quicker than quick. I am Lightning!
I am speed
speed am I
by johngwallis March 04, 2019
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