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When a mature man pulls his testies and penis back through his legs to his anus and bends over to show what looks like a dead squirrell
hey susy..Have you ever seen a dead squirrell
by jgiddy99 December 03, 2004

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When ample amount of meth is induced into the system and all reality becomes a back seat driver to meth. and no matter what your gonna be late to everything.
jaime must be twacked out because he said he would be here in fifteen minutes. He must have his hands in his fish tank re arranging it ...AGAIN
by jgiddy99 December 03, 2004

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The infected, greasy, stanky, clumpped-up, egg yolk colored, residukes from having foreskin and not being cleaned on a regular basis is called SMEGMA.
Jose, after working in the fields and having sex with two fat burrito makers, had to wipe the smegma off his penis head b/c the rank stank knocked out 2 other fruit workers. Also, stuff that hookers eat at buffets.
by jgiddy99 December 19, 2006

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when a man has been working out in the heat and sweating. He developes a film of sweat and scrotum chafe under his nut sac.
do ya want a fumunda chesse sandwich. lemme scrape fuhmunda my balls and give you one..
by jgiddy99 December 03, 2004

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when there is a cloud of smoke in the room which is suspended over the group(Person or Persons) after smoking. (ie. any tobacco or drugs)
After the two stopped freebasing methamphetimines there was a bit of overtwast luminating threw the light.
by jgiddy99 November 03, 2005

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A gay man who licks on the ass of another man.
That fag Benji is a chocolate tunnel taster.
by jgiddy99 December 03, 2006

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just being fucked off by consuming too much G.H.BEE
Girl: you can't fuck me >>> You are G-TARD-ED.!!!>>>>yo your worth less
by jgiddy99 August 19, 2005

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