Fired up, awaiting big thrill, stoked, ready to roll
I was amped for the upcoming X-Games
by chris May 14, 2003
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excited, or hopped up on AMPhetamines
"Did you take your meds today?"
"Twenty miligrams worth, and I'm feeling so amped I could kill a damn verse."
by glock liberty August 30, 2003
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getting fucked by an amputees' nub or stump
i went out drinking last night and got amped by some old war vet.
by ekim etto November 5, 2009
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when u take crystal aka tweak and you cant stop talking walking around or you cant sleep.
" tweaker's are always amped
by Lisa April 9, 2004
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The state you are in after taking a large dose of meth
That dude is all amped up because he just snorted 60 dollars of ice in one line!
by Anonymous June 30, 2003
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Did you happen to see that new article on Amped today?
by Jason Stevens February 4, 2005
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Any means possible. A YouTube group that’s better than 2hype. Starring Chrisnxtdoor(editor), Fanum aka Wanum, Kai Cenat, ImDaviss, Agent 00, Duke Dennis, Walid (Cameraman), and Low. They videos be amazing. They almost at 1,000,000 subscribers so go subscribe. They supposed to post every Monday but Chris be buggin lmao
Ayo you watch that new AMP?
by tylenphive April 3, 2021
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