when you get really really high then you say yeaahhh!!
by rustyshakelford January 20, 2010
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A misspelling of the word “yeah” meant to represent strong agreement, sadness/disappointment or excitement.
Brooo that movie was awesome!

Didn’t you lose the game last night?

Do you wanna go on that rollercoaster next?
by Auntie Cleo March 17, 2021
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- mostly used as a slang in Hawaii
- verbal agreement
other similar form: "oh yes", "aurite"

Q: Baby, are we gonna get it on tonight?
A: yeahh youu!

FRIEND: Hey, you wanna have a few beers?
YOU: yeahh youu!
by Dennis & G November 11, 2009
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your friend that you flirt w 25/8 , y’all are committed to each other , kinda like a baefriend but more serious ; y’all both know you like each other but are remaining friends to build more emotional a bond . 🙂
I know we flirt but he just my lil yeahhh .

She mine but she just my lil yeahh .
by sontiii February 25, 2020
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Something yelled by an asian gurl or a fat kid on call of duty. Basicaly a gay meme.
Get shot by my ak 47 fag ill have sex with your mom oo yeahh daddy
by Oo yeahh daddy April 3, 2017
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