Tern is short for intern. Referring to an intern as tern allows you to both get the intern's attention without wasting more than one syllable on them.
"Hey, tern, get me coffee... and stop drooling."
by zabo March 9, 2010
The act of getting your NexusTK character leeched 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and sharing inside your college dorm.
by fulken January 18, 2004
To simultaneously penetrate a women with a penis in each her vagina and butthole. Also referred to as "DP'ed."
"I was all subtle and stuff and then BOOM, Terned!!"
by Dron April 25, 2006
A really small penis, usually below 1" in both length and diameter.
Wow Becky, he really had a tern.
A post-indie genre of music. Characterized by authentic 2k9-2k10 post-blog-house bands.
indie bro: Hey bro vampy weekend amirite?
ternative bro: Not into mindie that much bro.. i like really chill stuff.. if u want to come listen to some ternative vinyl sometime its cool
by ale.xx February 6, 2010
Emma just texted me saying;

Meaning she wants anal ASAP
by FrozenButSunny June 3, 2019