A term mainly used by Aussies, meaning being extremely upset or bothered about something.
Person 1: You'll never guess what fuckin' happened, mate.
Person 2: Scarn on??
Person 1: Ange dumped me, that's what.
Person 2: Awhhh. Spewing.
by A shit-poster from Instagram September 15, 2017
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when someone cannot stop lying to the point where it becomes a disease
Gray: I hooked up with Natasja!
Brad: Your spewing u fooker.
Gray: Fook you caught me
Simon: Guees what? I hooked up with Ali?
Both: Spew!
Simon: Fook
by kentird34 June 25, 2010
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to lie about something
guy 1: "yeah i totally can beat him in a fight."

guy 2: spewing!
by fo0l. December 9, 2008
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A Mexican Jew. So Spick + Jew = Spew
Jedidiah and Mercedez had a baby!

Damn, that thing's a spew.
by you_gonna_fuck_on_me?! April 19, 2010
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What to say when something bad happens.
Him: wanna hang out tonight?
Her: nah can't soz
Him: Spewing
by Litcookiemonster February 16, 2017
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Scottish term used meaning "to be sick"
I feel so fuckin ill today, think I'm going to spew
by Pdawgxoxo January 20, 2014
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