(verb): to hum and dance around while singing and inserting the word "trum" for any unknown lyrics to either a song you know or a song you just made up.

trummed, trumming, trummer
"This riff-licious, melody-driven heartache of a song makes me want to trum up, down, and all around."
by Tokyo Greene June 25, 2009
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well-styled ass hair. Similar to an all-natural, home-grown back mirkin.
"I was givin' her the ol' "Charlston Chew" when I realized she had fantastic trum!"
by Sloots July 12, 2006
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Short for: Table drumming
The process of using your hands or fingers to drum on a table.
As the teacher gave a boring lecture on philosophy Mark started Trumming.
by bored-in-school May 22, 2009
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A term used by our friend CJB to reference her vagina
"Trum is your thang, it's the P word I just don't like saying it" -cjb
by B.rizzle July 16, 2012
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Hanger-tantrums /Hanger-trums /Hang-trums : The act of an adult behaving like a toddler because they are hungry & everybody sucks. This can include the following:

- Stomping of feet
- Unnecessary drama
- Drooling over terrible food

- Responding to questions with "I don't care", "whatever", or "it doesn't matter"

- Making statements like "I guess you just want me to starve"

Hang-trums are always preceded by hanger symptoms & get worse the longer untreated.
"Hunny, do you feel better now that you ate?"
"Yes I do, I think I was just hungry"

"Well, during your hang-trums you pushed that old lady out of line & threw a plastic burger at a child because it wasn't real"
by 3vi1M0nk3yz June 11, 2019
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How uneducated wetbacks pronounce Donald Trump's name.
Andreita, I got fired from the construction company today.

Puta madre. Ese Donal Trum.
by FiveGuysWakanda September 04, 2018
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