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well-styled ass hair. Similar to an all-natural, home-grown back mirkin.
"I was givin' her the ol' "Charlston Chew" when I realized she had fantastic trum!"
by Sloots July 12, 2006
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The initials of 'home improvement' teen idol, Jonathan Taylor Thomas or the abreviated term referring to instances in which one successfully convinces another person to permit him entry into a bodily oriface using only the dicktip. This classic move is often followed by the equally classic 'cough-thrust-sneeze' move, which completes the transaction, thereby ending the game of JTT.

When the oriface in question is the anus, the appropriate appelation is 'oopsie poop'
'man, nothing feels better then JTT after a long night of not listening to your awkward attempts at conversation... i'm glad i intentionally left my wallet in the car'


'wow, you really enjoy working there... OOOOPSIE POOP' followed by laughter, hasty dressing, and retreat.
by sloots July 11, 2006
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