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1.That gnawing feeling that tells you that you will never love any other as much as you loved the asswipe responsible for your broken heart.
2.Usually accompanied by feelings of self recrimination.
The only way to ease heartache is to make jokes about the ball licker who smashed your love to smithereens.
by Faith January 26, 2005
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Emotional pain; the horrible feeling of a black hole sitting in your chest where your heart should be. Other feelings one may experience include a inability to catch one's breath and getting all choked up. Usually occurs after a breakup or when one is worrying excessively about something.
1. My boyfriend just broke up with me, and I can barely breathe with this heartache in my chest.

2. I care aout my friends so much, and sometimes I worry enough so to give me heartache.
by Christina Hart July 06, 2005
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Feeling sick inside, over a guy, crying over him or her more than once a day. not eating because of him, only thinking of the way things could have been, thinking of his recent girlfriend, trying to break them up and then hurting yourself over it.
</3 looks like shes gotta heart ache! cryin over the guy, lookin at da pic!
by i love him:? February 09, 2010
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A feeling like no other, and only if you really feel it could you honestly understand it.
a few examples.
your parents, could have there problems, that makes you feel crazy.
they could be either bad parents to you and treat you wrong, and when i say wrong, im stretching that word over everything bad that they could do.

Or your parents fighting, drives you crazy.
And maybe you really care about both of them
maybe there both wrong too, maybe they are both depressed, and are just headstrong on a feeling they are better off letting go and loving eachother so they both dont fall apart.
It can come from rape.
And not being able to live with it sometimes.

Or, and the like biggest one of them all love!
oh loveee.
you can get it no matter what from relationships with people.
but some heartache is refundable, and can be healed.
true heartache is something one must watch for..its how the most strongest fall..
there are many things that people can do when they feel true heartache, it brings every problem and everything done wrong in that persons life into one thing, love, and after that happens things start to disappear from the list of importance.
it can make you forget about everything and drive you insanne.
but it can shape you as well, if you let it, it can make you a better person.
To feel heartache something really bad must happen in your life, and within you and how you feel.
to say your in love is easy, not being able to get over someone forever, is heartache.
No matter what i do, im always wrong to her.
Everything is seen different in my eyes to her.
and now shes leaving, not knowing how i felt in the first place.
been with her four years and i guess we both didnt learn one thing about eachother.
So nowi will live in her shadow, and be with her forever.
in pain.
but being scared to do because there is another chance, you die inside a little bit each day..i can keep going..hahahaha.
by mynameisjordankaythanks June 13, 2010
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When there is some kind of giant, spiked ball locked inside your body, stabbing at your insides whenever you move. Sometimes you find yourself crouching over or clutching at your chest because this immense feeling seems to be taking your breath away.
Example 1: "My best friend of years decided to tell me he loved me today, and proceeded to tell me that I had to get out of his life because it's hurting him. Just the thought gives me so much heartache."
by panpan1 May 25, 2009
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The pain you feel after you realized that you love this guy but in the end he didn't love you. Instead he loved your best friend that you have known for most of your life. They stab you in the back and all you feel is this intense horrible pain. You don't want to live. You don't want to eat. You don't want to talk to anyone. All you do is cry your heart out and mask what you're feeling so others wont ask. You just want to die and make everything go away.
I realized that I loved him so much but in the end he hooked up with my best friend. Now I all I feel is heartache.
by Beauty3456 December 15, 2010
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A feeling of helplessness or rejection, usually caused by the loss of a sexual partner. when one is suffering from heartache, he/she losses their sense of judgement.
she,s so dysfunctional. i think she has heart ache
by cramel November 15, 2007
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