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A complicated, strong & rare creature. Truly fascinating & defines intensity in every way. They have intoxicating beauty & entrancing minds that'll drive you to more; despite getting bit!
Places they're found:
- Anywhere shiny, expensive, or cue is

- Curbstomping that b*tch who wronged her
- Chasing random cute dogs so she can pet

If spotted, don't be fooled by 'innocent' nature of walking alone. Be protected during eye contact, you'll get a judging look that cuts to your core. If "the smile" is received, you can approach w/ some safety -Hiphop should be played to distract

Made it past 1st encounter w/ dignity & health in-tact? You're on a journey w/ a woman who is the most demanding, amazing, frustrating, loving, stubborn, adorable variety of all! Love & passion never die as a partner & they are always at 110%. A fantastic friend, lover, mother, & accomplice. Survive the judgements & hang-trums, & you have someone who'll be loyally yours to the end (or until you're kicked to curb).
Tips for bringing a Brandy into your life:
- They ALL suffer from a terrible disease known as EDL (Excessive Drama Leakage) so there are always little drama puddles nearby. Drama sacs are invisible so a petite Brandy seems like minimal space req'd but the sacs auto-expand to at least 85% of the avail. area.
- Love can be bought w/ home BBQ
- Food ends ANY argument
- If dogs or videos & pictures of dogs, or any other "Awww" animal content is near, you DO NOT have her attention
1. 'Brandy' - ˈbran-dē (noun): "If you are throwing a house party, 1 Brandy is the equivalent of 3 norms & will keep it poppin or throw-down if shit gets real"

2. 'Brandy' - ˈbran-dē (verb): Guy: "I slipped in a Brandy puddle last night" Friend: "you spilled your drink?" Guy: "no, something happened at my girlfriend's work so her drama bags were leaking all over
3. 'Brandy' - ˈbran-dē (adj.): Friend: "Congrats on the engagement! What's Brandy like?" Me: "She's definitely a Brandy" Friend: "No shit she's Brandy, what's she like?" Me: "Exactly! She's not like anything but herself"
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by 3vi1M0nk3yz June 11, 2019

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Hanger-tantrums /Hanger-trums /Hang-trums : The act of an adult behaving like a toddler because they are hungry & everybody sucks. This can include the following:

- Stomping of feet
- Unnecessary drama
- Drooling over terrible food

- Responding to questions with "I don't care", "whatever", or "it doesn't matter"

- Making statements like "I guess you just want me to starve"

Hang-trums are always preceded by hanger symptoms & get worse the longer untreated.
"Hunny, do you feel better now that you ate?"
"Yes I do, I think I was just hungry"

"Well, during your hang-trums you pushed that old lady out of line & threw a plastic burger at a child because it wasn't real"
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by 3vi1M0nk3yz June 11, 2019

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It's like if "cute" grew up & lost a tee-bag. When something is so cute that it doesn't deserve all 4 letters of the word.
OMG!!! Did you see that fluffy little puppy with the princess crown? It was SOOO cue!
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by 3vi1M0nk3yz June 11, 2019

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