1. behaving improperly

2. not in accordance with what is expected
He skipped class. he's way out of line.
by The Return of Light Joker February 13, 2008
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1, not in line with something
2, out of sb's expection
His priorities are quite out of line.
by Jiang Xiaofeng November 26, 2007
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The place where you bitch, moan and cry to the unsuspecting checker who's just trying to provide you a service. You shouldn't do this as usually they don't care about what you're about to say to them about your guacamole jar being out-of-date. They just want to know if your day was alright and if your shopping experience was fine. In all cases, they can just call someone to get you a new one. Be polite please, and learn what the check-out line is actually for: to pay for your products and get them bagged in an orderly fashion.
"Aw man, are we going to the check-out line?"
"Yes, so we can get our stuff checked-out in a decent manner."
by It'sme33 July 23, 2016
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To be very far away but not limited to any amount of distance
Can be as far as an hour away or even days
Friend one: hey bro where are you

Friend two: yeah mate just out on the 50 line
by TooTall March 13, 2019
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