A tagline added to posts that reveal the author's age, which is higher than he/she would otherwise care to admit. It plays on the cliché of the elderly yelling at kids who trespass on their lawns.
"You've got it easy with broadband. When I got my first AOL account, I had a 14.4K modem that I paid $150 for. Now get off my lawn! :-)"
by RevWaldo August 2, 2008
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saying refering for someone to get out of your business
man: so katie dumped you for man #3 because you didn't give her enough love?
man #2 yo bitch get off my lawn!
by fittypence June 2, 2007
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also see hillbilly something that i said that made my teacher laugh so hard in social studies that milk came outta his nose
by chody May 23, 2004
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a general statement
it means whatever you wish it to mean
Yes, yes even cheese is good.
by Jebus Bob Rice March 8, 2003
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(1)-Interjection- For an old person to yell, bicker, and bitch at you to get off his piss-yellow lawn.
"Hey you rascals! Get the fuck off my lawn!!!"
by Rage April 24, 2003
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The way a grumpy old man greets small children playing soccer while he's sitting in a rocking chair.
Children: Sir? Can we have our ball back?
Grumpy old man: GET OFF MY LAWN!!!11ONEONE!!1!!!!1
by Honkbalpet December 10, 2010
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"Is that project that's due tomorrow finished yet?"
"I'm working on it now, get off my lawn."
by CptCrunch613 October 15, 2012
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