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SKOAL-COPENHAGEN smokeless tobaco. The big dip in all junior hockey players mouths across north america. theres nothing better than putting in a big dip after a hard game, or before getting with some dirty puck bunnies
Yo Dave, can i bum a dip off ya, only a lipper man this is the new Skoal Vanilla Chew.
by JOhn Trask December 05, 2003
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smokeless tobacco, mostly used down south and in the mid west. you will see most farmers, cowboys, rednecks, and hicks with one in. it goes between your bottom, cheek, and sometimes top lip between your gums. it contains fiber glass in some instances and is very good tasting depending on what flavor you get. Goes good after playing with your girls happy lips.
"Did you see Mr. Rogers today in ag class. He had the biggest fucking chew i have ever seen in." student 1

"Fucking right. I could use some of that sweet shit right now too. I have to go get my girls happy lips started."
by snuff king April 23, 2003
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These species is extremly endangered, its a chinese person who is also Jewish.
"Damn Wong, your such a god-damn CHEW!"
by Matt August 09, 2003
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dirty south word for sucking dick; giving head,brain or blow job
Dat hoe, Ticey gave me a chew til she turned blue!
by Teeze May 14, 2004
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1. A verb that describes the action of using your teeth to grind down food for digestion.

2. A smokeless tobacco that was made popular by most redneck hicks that involves the process of sticking a pinch or dip into the inside of your lip.

3. Short for chewbacca, the brown furry thing from Star Wars.
1. One sec lemme chew my fuckin food before I talk out loud you ass.

2. "Can I get a dip of your chew bro?"

"Sure man but get a empty bottle so your not spittin that

shit on my floor.."

3. Damnn your singing sounds like Chew taking a shit.
by AM-Unit January 28, 2010
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