SKOAL-COPENHAGEN smokeless tobaco. The big dip in all junior hockey players mouths across north america. theres nothing better than putting in a big dip after a hard game, or before getting with some dirty puck bunnies
Yo Dave, can i bum a dip off ya, only a lipper man this is the new Skoal Vanilla Chew.
by JOhn Trask December 5, 2003
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These species is extremly endangered, its a chinese person who is also Jewish.
"Damn Wong, your such a god-damn CHEW!"
by Matt August 9, 2003
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1. A verb that describes the action of using your teeth to grind down food for digestion.

2. A smokeless tobacco that was made popular by most redneck hicks that involves the process of sticking a pinch or dip into the inside of your lip.

3. Short for chewbacca, the brown furry thing from Star Wars.
1. One sec lemme chew my fuckin food before I talk out loud you ass.

2. "Can I get a dip of your chew bro?"

"Sure man but get a empty bottle so your not spittin that

shit on my floor.."

3. Damnn your singing sounds like Chew taking a shit.
by AM-Unit January 28, 2010
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A shortened street word used to describe a blow job. Usually short for chewin or chewing.
When in doubt, pull the meat out, and let a bitch chew
by NDemGuts February 24, 2021
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(African usage) to spend; to use up
Not two weeks had passed before he had chewed all the money we sent him.
by ciotog September 11, 2003
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This is where there is an argument between people and other people want to know why they are fighting
What's the chew
by Brazil July 5, 2017
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Smokeless tobacco that is shredded and gnawed on, not to be confused with snuff/dip.
After I throw in a chew, my penis grows two inches in size.
by tacomaster June 30, 2017
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