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Normally typed in ALL CAPS, It is the only type of news that Mr. Trump loves.
"Despite what you hear in the press, healthcare is coming along great. We are talking to many groups and it will end in a beautiful picture!"
"Don't let the FAKE NEWS tell you that there is big infighting in the Trump Admin. We are getting along great, and getting major things done!"
"Russia talk is FAKE NEWS put out by the Dems, and played up by the media, in order to mask the big election defeat and the illegal leaks!"
"FAKE NEWS media knowingly doesn't tell the truth. A great danger to our country. The failing @nytimes has become a joke. Likewise @CNN. Sad!"
"Give the public a break - The FAKE NEWS media is trying to say that large scale immigration in Sweden is working out just beautifully. NOT!"
"Don't believe the main stream (fake news) media.The White House is running VERY WELL. I inherited a MESS and am in the process of fixing it."
"The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!"
"The fake news media is going crazy with their conspiracy theories and blind hatred. @MSNBC & @CNN are unwatchable. @foxandfriends is great!"
by Loser I guess I don't know March 10, 2017
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A term formerly useful for describing websites consisting entirely of intentionally fabricated news stories, but now used to describe virtually anything that does not mesh with one's own views.
Actual real-world examples of how "fake news" has been used:
"Fake news that's being released by some foreign government"
"Fake news was able to spread so easily from sources like InfoWars and Breitbart and TheBlaze"
"the Rolling Stone, which did so much to damage the reputation of journalism with their fake news"
"the New York Times IS fake news"
"Kellyanne Conway is fake news"
"fake news from the CIA"
"the fake news phenomenon is spreading to children's toys"
Source: Vice article entitled "Watch 'fake news' become a meaningless phrase
by DisillusionedPolitico March 06, 2017
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Used to defend an illogical position, or a way to avoid using critical thinking skills when a news source does not match a personal or ideological bias.
They are a fakenews source because they attacked the president.
by Calebsmt January 30, 2017
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1) False or otherwise extremely exaggerated news stories used to generate money from ad revenue by using clickbait titles or used to sell tabloids in the grocery check-out line.

2) A term for a news article that doesn't validate one's political opinion.
1) She threw him out! The latest on Jen and Brad's split.

2) Shut your fucking mouth you liberal snowflake with your "fake news" from the BBC telling me that global warming is increasing at a rapid rate. I read on Breitbart that it was all a Chinese hoax.
by Vantius December 21, 2016
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Any news reported by mainstream media which is deemed unflattering, incriminating or otherwise hitting too close to home for Donald Trump and/or his cabinet of lap dog Republicans, regardless of it's actual factualness or validity.
Donald Trump refers to all of the leaks coming out regarding his ties to Putin and Russia fake news because unlike most of us, he believes that the office of the presidency gives him the power to reinvent reality.
by PaulY_41 February 17, 2017
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Fake news is produced by web sites or tabloids for the purpose of attracting viewers to ads. Fake news are sensational false (fiction) news-like stories created purely to attract readers.

Comedy shows, like the Daily Show, commonly mix real news with humor, including fictitious humor. But the news part of it is real. True, people who fall for fake news sites are very gullible, and perhaps can't tell which parts of the Daily Show are fiction, but those people aren't the Daily Show's target audience. Fake news has come to mean fiction for fiction's sake.

Fake news should also be distinguished from false news, also called dishonest news or lies that are told for political purposes. Many of the anti-Hillary stories were created by fake news sites, but then posted as lies on sites like Fox and Breitbart.
Fox and Breitbart republish a lot of fake news.
by The Disambiguator December 07, 2016
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