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A combination of the words trashed and roasted. Trashed meaning extremely drunk and roasted meaning extremely high.
Damn I was troasted last night, that weed set me over the top.
by Seamus Kehoe April 17, 2008
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adj; To be extremely high on marijuana to the point where you feel like your mind is a burnt out fuse. Like being roasted, except three times that, troasted.
I was toking that ganj last night and I got so roasted, I must've been troasted!
by manofbong420 May 29, 2010
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to think out of the box so much, there is no box. troasted is to be different, to be high-like with no direct relation to drugs or alcohol.
That gal's thinking is so troasted, she may be another Edison.
by t_roasted November 05, 2011
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