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True wonders of nature, polish girls are widely known as the most beautiful on this planet. Moreover, they are also intelligent, lovely, honest, well educated and emancipated. Partying like rockstars, loving like nobody else, perfect at work, in science and in bed - they are Poland's biggest pride.
"everyone loves a polish girl!"
A name of a group on Facebook.

"polish girls are beautiful - and that's damn right".
a comment on a travel forum
by m.i.c.h.a.l. May 09, 2008
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The MOGAI community in my city is very friendly.
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Smart, pretty, faithful, horny girl who has big boobs and a nice ass... but is not a whore. She's a Lady in the streets and a Freak in the bed.
Jess (Polish girl) needs to fuck Dustin (Greek guy)
by Jessie Sausage July 27, 2006
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a hott and very intelligent girl, who is loyal and kind and loves everyone. basically everyone wishes they could be a Polish girl, lol.
That Polish girl over there is soo pretty, i think im gonna go talk to her!!!
by Sarahhh<3tiffy August 12, 2007
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