A handsome guy , who tends to hide their feelings . Edison’s seem when they love a person they love them for a very long time . An Edison would always glare at you when he is jealous or when he wants to see you . He is quite shy too . They are also great kissers and very attractive
Rubin: Edison is so different and isn’t a fuckboy .
by Whynotman February 11, 2018
A very talented person. Does whatever he could to help out other people especially his family or his friends. Very lovable and loyal partner towards his partner. He also is wise and very smart. A very nice person to have.
You’re such an edison!
by iTz.Noside February 13, 2018
1. The universally recognized "edison"
2. N. Implying complete and utter confusion
3. N. a really stupid person
4. V. To procreate
5. adj. Can be used to modify any word for more passion
6. Int. Expresses disgust
7. adv. Can be used to make a command more urgent
- "Man...that picture of you is all edisoned up."

- "Hey! Edison You, Bitch!"

- "I'm sorry, but that's one edisoning ugly dog you got there."

- "Edison me harder, you weaksauce!"

- "What the edison were you edisoning thinkng, you dumb

- "Hurry the edison up! We're late for the edison movie! Edison!"
by dontedisonyourselfup February 7, 2008
A kind and loving friend who is always kind to everyone and is excellent in everything.
Thank you for being my friend
by Davisposisto December 11, 2018
A person who is so smart he's dumb
My name is Edison and I get A+
by 3410 October 18, 2019
Best basketball player, handsome, smart and snatches hoes on demand. He is a Puerto Rican god and part of the greatest group known to man, Dream Team.
I wish I could be like Edison one day.
by El Sancho de mexico July 7, 2017
A town in New Jersey where the population is widely diverse. Asians take the majority of the population(approximately 53%) exceeding the number of Caucasian and African- Americans families in the town. Proudly known for their over-achieving schools, John P. Stevens High School and Edison High School.
#1: Hey where do you live?
#2: I live in Edison
#1: They have mad brown people
by BrownAllstar July 17, 2006