When u wanna win a fight say this but if they say no u after just commit deathpacito
Dickhead: Hey u are have small penis
Me: Yeah well ur mom gay lol
Dickhead: Fuck *runs away*
by NiggaStoleMyBeans March 16, 2019
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The worst insult in the history of insults. So powerful that if said once can kill a man. Often used in memes.
Guy 1: Lmao ur so gay!
Me: Ur mom gay lol.
Guy 1: *immediately gets killed by army of Ugandan gimps*
by Intellectual379 March 1, 2018
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A comeback so powerful that shriek keeps it in his swamp it has the power to kill man.
Jeff: Tyrone put down the KFC
Tyrone: Ur Mom gay lol
Jeff: dies and gets raped by 10 Mongolian sex slaves
by Lil cumstain February 11, 2018
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The word a intellectual uses to end any fight and will instantly destroy someones will to live and will kill them.
Shaquandeese: lil ugly ass bitch
Me: ur mom gay lol
Shaquandeese: * instantly dies of rectum cancer and gets raped by 200 nigerian child slaves*
by @Supreme.testicles February 23, 2018
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The most insulting insult ever Will instantly kill anyone that you use it on. There will to live will be destroyed.
Shaquandeese: u ugly ass little bitch
Tyrone: your mom gay lol
Shaquandeese: *gets anal cancer and dies then gets raped by 300 Nigerian immigrants*
by @Supreme.testicles February 22, 2018
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Usually said by a 11 year old roblox/fortnite players.
The best comeback for ur mom gay is “no u”
Daniel: *gets killed by another 12 year old fortnite player* “Ur mom gay lol”
Carlo: “no u
by TheWetPineapple March 27, 2018
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A roast originating from the Medieval Times. This had been used in a plethora of arguments throughout the human's existence. "Ur mom gay lol" is known to be the deadliest insult known to any life form in the universe; the lore surrounding it suggests that once this has been said, Earth will be expected to shatter in too many pieces.
Alex: My peepee is very huge, and u have a microscopic peepee
You: Fuck off asshat
Alex: Your just sad that u don't have a peepee
You: First of all speaking fucking English. Second, it is you're. Lastly, ur mom gay lol.
Alex: I don't feel so good
Alex: *fucking dissolves*
by Alt._.One May 22, 2018
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