This situation is over the top. Someone do something to stop all this bickering.
by The Return of Light Joker September 14, 2009
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Shortened as 'OTT', it pertains to anyone that has crossed the limits of sanity or anger in a conversation, relationship, or situation, or gone crazy to the point of danger.

Its roots come from the trenches of WWI, where anyone who had lost their mind from war trauma and battle would disobey orders and climb over the top of the protective trenches, leading to immediate death.
"Damn, he just went over the top yesterday!"


"People say she went over the top, but noone really knows."
by Drizze March 9, 2005
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a ridiculous movie about arm wrestling starring sylvester stallone that could only have been made during the 80s.
the only way stallone could follow up such an awesome movie as over the top, was to make rambo iii.
by robot_ January 22, 2006
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"Over the top" refers to having a certain quality in excess of reason, so that it becomes abrasive.
It is good to project an image of confidence, but an excess of apparent confidence that is essentially boasting can be considered "over the top". It is good to be assertive, but if one is assertive to the point of being nasty, this would be considered "over the top".
by FLA June 7, 2005
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1) When someone says something ridiculous

2) In World War One, sending troops across no-man's-land was called going "over the top" since soldiers climbed out of the trenches.

3) A term used in politics that refers to the point that a party has enough seats/votes to form the government with no chance for opponents to catch up.
1) When Bob told me he was buying a tarantula, I thought he'd gone over the top.

2) Bob's commanding officer sent him over the top when the enemy advance started.

3) At around 11 pm on election night, the media declared that Bob was over the top since 75% of polls were in and he already won 155 seats.
by 3249776720825 May 13, 2011
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A sexual position involving 3 members: 2 men and a "lady". The two men plug the woman from two sides, one getting oral, the other getting butt or vagina. While DPing this said woman, who is bent over so that she faces the floor/bed/pooltable, the two men have an armwrestling match on her back. Hence the name, over-the-top.
Timmy, Tammy, and Tommy enjoyed a nice round of over the top before going to school.
by SatisfactionGuaranteed February 14, 2006
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