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Having a personality that jumps to the extremes of joy, sadness, and extreme anger. Often seen in people with cases of manic depression that try to hide their depression under a facade of hapiness to the general public.
Man, that one girl i met was nice and happy one minute, then the next she was balling her eyes out, and five minutes later she was beating the shit out of me. She's gotta be tripolar
by Ryan December 02, 2004
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the next step beyond your normal level of insanity. And or the third level of madness.
my friend was crazy before... but this made her completely tri-polar.
by runningtwinmom October 14, 2007
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Adjective. A word used to describe a person with mood swings so violent, the usual form 'bipolar' is no longer adequate. Typically used to describe the effects of PMS. Also: A crazy ass bitch.
"She was smiling at me one second and trying to cut my dick off the next! That chick must be tripolar!"
by TheMostMagicalMoki November 25, 2007
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Someone whose craziness goes beyond anything explainable from a chemical imbalance. Usually a girl that is so unstable she breaks down over the most minor, meaningless event.
Dude, did you see Emily go off on Terrence when he asked her for a tic tac?

Yeah, bro... that chick is full on tripolar!
by northsider July 04, 2011
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someone having 2 different personalities (multiple personality disorder) yet both being bi-polar
I swear my wife is tri-polar.... Shes 2 different women rolled into one both of the fuckin nuts!!!!!
by vinny125125 August 19, 2010
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A person whose level of insanity is beyond the normal spectrum of craziness. This person is so fragile that they can go between 3 moods in less than 5 seconds.
Singular: "Dude, my new teacher, she is one tri-polar son of a gun!"

Plural: "Would you look at those goth kids over there? What a

bunch of tri-polars!"

"You said it man."
by GutarGv3 June 21, 2009
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A crazy fat bitch that believes taking over the counter diet pills will make her into a model. These fatties subject all who cross their paths to mood swings that go from tweeked out Britney Spears-smile mania, to unforseen rage, then ultimately to slobbery tear soaked self-loathing. (This happens in about 5 minutes or less) They usually recover by having unprotected sex with people and fake pregnancy shortly after a mood swing.
Typical Tri Polar behavior:
"OMG I totally lost 2 inches, not pounds but I have these jeans will you help me zip them up??-smiles like a pie-eyed psycho- NEXT PHASE:Shit, that bitch _______ wants me to pound in her fuckin' face.-Turns red, screams a 'retard type-GRRRUUUHH-THIRD PHASE: I was watching this thing on Oprah about how I might be dying from cancer, and not even know it....I don't want to die. -Begins unwrapping twinkie, eating it and sobbing, chasing each bite with diet soda"FINAL PHASE: "I can't believe I slept with_______ he's different, you know he opened up to me..My period is like 2 days late..what am I gonna do?"
by Suggababie August 05, 2009
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