To full of money,
To be rich.
Yo, dat ricer is balling.
by Anonymous June 27, 2003
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To become insane rich so that you can use money as toilet paper.
I’m too excited to start balling with you and crush your goals asap.
by laizan_nguyen March 6, 2022
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1. To be exceedingly fly, hip, deck, cool, what have you.

2. To clench or to curl up.

3. To engage in sexual intercourse.
1. Reezy's new grill was exceptionally balling, even by the standards of his affluent homies.

2. John balled his fist in rage as he walked in on Ken nailing his woman.

3. Judy and Derek have been balling for a few months. Explains why they keep showing up late to class.
by Mr. Schenzy January 12, 2011
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The misspelling of of "bawling" (weeping or crying noisily)
Person 1: OMG I was totally balling at the ending of that movie.

Person 2: You mean "bawling"?
by gommyommy July 6, 2011
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Balling or ballin' (in an older sense) comes from the term Goof Balls, which were amphetamines or uppers and were used as a recreational drug. (Also, as a method to avoid sleep by long haul truckers.) Hence, balling took on the meaning of being high or feeling "up". The term can be found in songs like "Thank You, John" by Willie-T and "Zydeco Ballin'" by Lil' Nathan.
I know that you been balling you're as high as you can be!

We're balling on Zydeco....
by The_Old_Guy October 5, 2010
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When something is so ballin' you have to give it proper grammer to show it the respect it deserves.
Indian-ass motherfucker: MY CAR IS BALLING
White Dude: like bling bling?
Indian-ass motherfucker: No you kids and your improper grammer, BALLING like BALL-ING.
White Dude: you dumb motherfucker indian-ass bitch.
by smash92 September 9, 2010
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Why you balling?
Gowarn guy up me food gyal.
by lmfaoaooaaooa February 22, 2017
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