1) adj - possessing an abundance of money, possessions, property, or other material goods. May be used as an alternate pronounciation of "balling" and "ballin'".

2) noun - a portmanteau of the English predicate "balling" with the Ebonic "G" (or the Hindi honorific suffix "-ji"). Used to describe an individual, situation, or object with well rounded competence, force of personality, significant affluence, and physical prowess.

3) interjection - a positive exclamation of excitement, awe, and total satisfaction.
1) Yeah Yeezy's got new shoes out. He is ballin-g right now.

2) Hey, Ballin-G, turn that music up and come hoop with us.
3) Ballin-g! My Red Octobers just came in!
by jArham December 16, 2014
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1. To be exceedingly fly, hip, deck, cool, what have you.

2. To clench or to curl up.

3. To engage in sexual intercourse.
1. Reezy's new grill was exceptionally balling, even by the standards of his affluent homies.

2. John balled his fist in rage as he walked in on Ken nailing his woman.

3. Judy and Derek have been balling for a few months. Explains why they keep showing up late to class.
by Mr. Schenzy January 11, 2011
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1.the white form of "ballin"
2.a word to say "DUDE THAT IS REALLY COOL"
3.what you say when you "score?"
4.what we call collin.
hannah: did you see that concert last night?
elizabeth: heck yeah, it was ball-ing
hannah & elizabeth: ball-ing

elizabeth shoots and scores a basket, then says "ball-ing"
by jollygreengiant!!:) January 14, 2009
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The misspelling of of "bawling" (weeping or crying noisily)
Person 1: OMG I was totally balling at the ending of that movie.

Person 2: You mean "bawling"?
by gommyommy July 06, 2011
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To fuck guys, and/or to give them head
joe: in this porn he is going to fuck him!
ryan: so you mean he's going to be balling dudes?
steven:if i have to fuck a guy its ok, but i rather fuck a girl
ryan to steven:whats wrong with you ???
by marcomoscow December 26, 2009
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