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A powerful spell that women are put under about once every month, which gives them the strength of an ox, the stability of a Window's OS, and the scream of a banshee. Basically, man's worst nightmare.
OMFG! SHE HAS PMS!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!! *explosions and screams*
by PSisTEHsuxxors February 23, 2004
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a curse on all women that kicks in every month. Guys act like women over-react, but they don't know the pain and suffering they go through! guys, be nice to your girlfriend (or wife) when she is on her period.
great, im pms'ing
by ghyutpk June 29, 2010
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what guys refer to as the worst time of the month.

but what i refer to it as, is the time of the month where men bitch and complain about not getting ass and blame everything on the woman.

yes, woman are more irritable at this time, but guys need to look at it through the woman's perspective.
for the guys who can't imagine what it feels like:

PMS is like having a raccoon scratch it's way out of your stomach, a toddler riding on your back all day, being force fed 20 pounds of rice, AND pulling paper out of your ass covered in blood every few hours.

you try doing that and act like nothing's wrong.
by commonsensespeaking July 21, 2009
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A curse. A symbol of unfairness. An uncontrollable Hell that fulfills all the things that can make a woman sad: fatness, ugliness, and ickiness. It occurs a week or days before a woman's period.

During this time, men will drive women to become lesbians for the simple fact they are insensitive and cynical towards this cruel suffering that women go through. Oh, so your mad because you can't get no ass, freak?

PMS will make a woman wish she was never born female. Penis envy can occur.
I have PMS as I write this. I want to die. And I don't just have any ol' type of PMS. I have a severe, psychotic form of PMS called PMDD that causes me to have temporary bipolar disorder. I'm not kidding.
by twistedbabydoll August 05, 2007
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I had realized that mostly guys had written about pre menstrual syndromes and FYI:THEY DON'T EVEN GO THROUGH IT!!! And, not every female goes through PMS that effects their mood. I read that it actually depends how much estrogen intake you have and some foods are neuro-transmitters, resulting in moodswings.

So,let me just get to the point: PMS (pre menstrual syndrome) is caused by the uterus shedding its lining because a female's monthly egg isn't fertilized and dies.

Guys, girls with PMS won't kill you!!!
by randomgrl December 20, 2006
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PMS stands for premenstrual syndrome, but it can even occur during or after menstruation. Symptoms of PMS include abdominal cramps, bloating, irritability, breast tenderness, occasional cravings for sweet or very salty foods, and hormonal imbalances that cause mood swings.

Since males don't have periods, they act like insensitive jackasses when the women around them are suffering from PMS. Those stuck-up dickless monkeys can't get any ass, so they call their girlfriends bitches and blow everything out of proportion. Sure, sometimes PMS can cause a girl to get a little bitchy, but those douchebags act like a PMSing woman is a nuclear bomb that's been unleashed on the city. All they think about is themselves, they don't even give a crap when their girl is crying out in pain because the girl is just "being a dramatic bitch".

A guy will accuse a girl of PMSing even if she gets mad at him for something that's his own fault, such as being a complete dickhole.
Sally: Bob, you look stupid with those pencils in your nose.
Bob: You bitch!! Why are you acting like a psycho?! You must be PMSing!!!
Sally: WTF are you talking about, you moron?
Sally: Whatever!
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When a girl has certain symptoms before/during their period. EX: headaches, bloating, feeling fat, feeling icky, mood-swings, tiredness, etc.

GUYS WHO THINK THAT THEY GO THROUGH SO MUCH WHEN A WOMAN IS PMSING are selfish dicks who don't realize what a woman goes through and will have to go through for most of their life. Think about it our way. If you were bleeding from your ass and had to have a pad on your butt, wet and sticky from blood for 4-6 hours, OR have a tampon stuck up your ass, and still have to have a pantyliner in just in case, you'd be pretty bitchy too. It's even worse at school or work, where you barely have any time to change it, so there's a possibility that the pad will have to stay there for the WHOLE DAY. Not to mention the constant fear of your period leaking through, or the cramps. Imagine having someone kick your balls repeatedly, and while that's happening, your SO is complaining about how he has to hear you whine. All the guys think it's SO horrible, because they get yelled at occasionally and have to deal with mood swings. You don't even know the half of it.

Another thing. We HATE it when guys just assume we're on our period, even if we are. It's like saying that girls are incapable of being mad without it having to do with their menstrual cycle.
Girl: Ugh. I'm so mad!

Boy: Oh... ::wink:: Are you... You know.

Girl: What? I can't just be mad because he broke up with me? Gosh...


Girl: ...No. Just shut up and go away.

Boy: Gosh, don't get so mad just cause you're on your period.
by HiMySweetheart~ February 01, 2010
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