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Someone whose craziness goes beyond anything explainable from a chemical imbalance. Usually a girl that is so unstable she breaks down over the most minor, meaningless event.
Dude, did you see Emily go off on Terrence when he asked her for a tic tac?

Yeah, bro... that chick is full on tripolar!
by northsider July 04, 2011

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1) The space between the breasts of a woman. Can be formed naturally but normally appears on women that have poorly implanted fun bags.

2) The space between the breasts of a fat girl. The space is normally used to stimulate the cock of a man that likes to tittie-fuck nasty ho's.

a.k.a cock canal
Dude, did you see Tara Reid's nip slip?

Yeah bro, her nipples are fucked but I would love to slide 'shorty' in her cock channel.
by Northsider May 04, 2008

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