Hapi is a word combination of something perfect being 1, it can also be a state of feelings that no human being can ever achieve. Lastly "hapi" is not relative by any means to the word "happy" even though they spelled the same
We hapi, thats the reason we won't listen to the human opinion of yours
by Levi Smith March 2, 2021
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Name for young smart guy.The most powerful human in the world. Always lonely but still have many friends. Love spend money on food. Like to take a nap and good listener
Hei, You know Hapis? Our new schollmate

Yah, I know it

All the girls in our school looking for he!

OMG,He must be a very smart guy
by Comilina.Bwrz December 1, 2019
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the wrong way of saying happy. what else???
Person 1: dude i just got us 2 tickets to go to the theatre!
person 1: hapy???
Person 2:oh whoops i meant happy xD
by lolokthen May 9, 2018
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A person who is too happy for their own good.
"I'm getting married"(with a glow on her face)~person 1
"You can stop smiling before I wipe that smile off your face"-person 2
"No way"~person 1
"Your way too hapi"~person 2
(Gets into fist fight)
What you don't know is that person 2 is secretly in love with person 1 and is angry that he is not the person marrying person 1
by Mar2001 March 24, 2016
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Pronounced happy, Hapy is a modern street term for marijuana (or any drug causing "happyness").
by Kol17 April 26, 2007
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How a high person spells happy!
"Sure, I'm hapy to give you my email address"
by Kittykatw33 September 2, 2020
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the happieness you body gets from sleeping
the sleep caused 2nd hapiness
by crunk m June 3, 2005
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