One of the sexiest people you'll ever meet. He's athletic and smart and some would say he's the full package. Every girl wants to be with him but he would remain loyal to his significant other no matter what. He's very funny and may be embarrassing in public but you can't help but love him.
I love Terrence but he's too perfect for me.
by RealestNga December 25, 2014
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Some so gorgeous inside and out. Nerdy and confident, and though he is super annoying you cant help but fall in love with him and his personality.
Girl 1: Dayum, there goes Terrence. I really want him but I heard he has a girlfriend and he's super loyal.
Girl 2: UGH! I know!!! That girl is SO lucky! *eye roll*
by Dragonslayer7751 January 28, 2019
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Often misunderstood cats, sometimes thought to be gay because they refuse to gay bash and won't defend their heterosexually with overt machismo. A Terrence is fiercely loyal to friends even when such loyalty isn't always reciprocated.

Terrence's are peace loving admirers of the arts, culture, food, and music. They're voracious readers and thinkers.

Making an enemy of a Terrence requires work, they're patient and don't rush to judgement. They are thought to be crazy by some but there's a method to their madness. They have been described as "crazy like a fox."

Locking horns with a Terrence usually becomes so frustrating that aggressors give up and look for easier prey. They are intelligent and students of human communication. Lying to, or deceiving a Terrence is difficult and they will often play along to get more info and test your character. Don't think you are fooling one. You'll often find yourself falling into the traps you lay for them.

A Terrence is not a tough guy, but will fight to defend themselves or friends. Because of their disdain for conflict they will try diplomacy over violence in all but the most dire of situations.

Terrence's are clever, crafty, and quick on their feet. They sometimes get criticism for taking care of their mothers and many times cruel kids will taunt them mercilessly for this devotion.

A Terrence is a man of modest means, by no means, king of the road--they smell like Teen Spirit.
Allison: "What's up with that guy? Who does he think he is, anyway?"

Seth: "Oh, that's just Terrence. He's an alright cat, you have to get to know him.

Reed: "What the hell is that guy doing, is he daft?"

Arthur: "I don't know, he might be pulling a Terrence, let's see what happens."
by Artifact#8409587 December 25, 2011
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Terrence is a sexy boy who would seem to like video games alot.He has a sense of humor.Everybody says that terrences play minnecraft mainly all day.Terrence could sometimes be annoying and could be a little brother but you gotta love him.
Terrence stop hitting me
by U gotta love him February 3, 2018
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An annoying ass art teacher that says “merry Christmas” every five god damn seconds
student one: dude I hate mr. Terrence kelly!
Student two: I know he is always saying merry Christmas
by TheReaperKing June 19, 2018
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The ultimate scum of earth. One glance at him and your insides will churn. A feeling beyond despair, no hope, no redemption, once one has become a Terrence death is the only choice. A hypocrite and a stubborn liar, Terrence will ignore others comments and forever live his narcissistic life as a scumbag. He shows no respect to others, yet he expects respect in return. Leaving league games and jewing people over are the daily activities of Terrence. Comparable to jive turkey and Tommy, calling one a Terrence is the worst insults known to man.
He did a Terrence.
You're such a Terrence.
Terrence, why are you alive?
Tommy said, "Stop pulling a Terrence." Tuan screams, "That's a little too far, take that back right now!" And, Tommy apologizes right away.
by TROM December 22, 2013
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A Terrence takes geek to the next level to the extremeties of uber geek some might say. Self made geeks who live in forums and rarely come out.

Getting through to a Terrence is a mission in its self as they contain no common sense. Constantly goes against the grain of the norm. So much so they are great critics if you do the total opposite of their review. Often hypocrytical closet homosexuals with mincy faggot balls and the stamina of a sloth.
E.g. look at the guy mounting that stray tomcat, he's a right terrence!
by Yikcn May 15, 2013
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