What you say when you really don't wanna do something but when people keep bugging you about it, you conveniently get them off your back with the simple phrase.
Hey, get in here and load the dishwasher!

Uh, one second...
by Angelacia May 24, 2007
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Something you say to tell someone to wait a little bit. Usually used as sarcasm(doesn't actually mean count to one second).
Could you wait one second?
by wolfer1992 January 20, 2018
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A moment in time when kids don't annoy you.
Kid 1: "Mom, I'm hungry...:eats:..Mom, I need more food"
Kid 2: "Mom, tell him to stop looking at me!"
Mom: "I just need one second."
:Mom goes into bathroom:
Kid 3: opens bathroom door: "Mom, he took my toy and won't give it back!"
Mom: "One Second...One Second..One Second...(kid's name), can I just have one second??"
by DEADMAN#! September 28, 2020
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An unstandardized unit of measurement commonly used to describe a period of five or more minutes.
In the public restrooms
Guy#1: Hurry up asshole, I ain't got all day!
Guy#2: Just one second, goddamnit, I'm almost done!
(20 minutes later Guy#2 leaves)
by Wunt sum sawwwce? August 08, 2014
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A girl who seems hot at first, but then you realize her to be much less attractive than you previously had hoped.
That girl was fine, but it turned out she was a one-second wonder.
by HWF August 07, 2006
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That moment when you cover your body with soap, then dive head first naked into a school zone
“This morning at the sandy hook elementary school, a fuckhead named muargo gucci toilet did a One second arrest”
by Armedteachers69 February 26, 2020
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1. A measure of time.

2. More specifically, the amount of time it would take "Diesel Dan" to fuck up someone who has pissed him off.

3. This unit of time, being so quick, has yet to be calculated to an exact length. Still, researchers and witnesses to an event lasting one fucking two seconds have concluded that it is undoubtedly shorter than a New York minute, blink of an eye, two shakes of a lambs tail, and Superman in flight, which also by default makes it faster than a speeding bullet.
by Road Block June 07, 2006
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