14 definitions by Jojwjwjejej

Usually means you're fired from your job.
Joe: Sorry I'm late again, I had a flat tire.
BossMan: Hit the shade tree!!!!!
Joe: "sits under tree"
by Jojwjwjejej December 28, 2013
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A derogatory term used to describe the fathers of spooks.
That spookdaddy doesn't take care of his children.
by Jojwjwjejej December 23, 2013
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Word used to describe females mouth while bitching.
Shut your cocksucker up grandma, I don't want any cookies.
by Jojwjwjejej December 21, 2013
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I don't want that shake, I want some chunk.
by Jojwjwjejej December 22, 2013
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Marijuana cigarette constructed from one fattie crossed with two pinners to form a windmill structure. Takes a lot of weed, skill, and patience to get it right. Also seen in joint rolling handbook.
Jimmy spent two hours trying to roll a windmill and it didn't even hit good.
by Jojwjwjejej December 21, 2013
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When you think you're going to fart but you shit and eat it.
I walked out the door and pulled a Jeff bilbrey cause I was late for work and didn't have enough time to change
by Jojwjwjejej August 31, 2018
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Its when you jam your man boobs together with a dildo between them in the mirror and light a match
I needed a cigarette so I thought I would be fancy and pull a John harmon
by Jojwjwjejej August 27, 2019
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