1. Hilarious guy

2. Cares about the people he loves

3. He can put you in your place but be sweet

4. Good af in bed daaammn
5. Knows how to make your day better with just one word
6. Good dancer

7. Intelligent and adorable
8. Open minded and non judgemental

9. An amazing boyfriend and best friend to have yaaasss
"Damn girl you seen Pablo drop it low?"

" I want me a Pablo"
by 19FL March 18, 2017
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A very sweet loving boyfriend usually dating someone is always faithful he is very skilled at playing sports he is very smart but doesn’t like to show it so he fails all his classes cause he doesn’t want to admit he is smart he can help anyone in any situation he feels left out but try’s not to show it
Have you seen Pablo today
by IKEA1729 December 28, 2018
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by 1likebl@ckc0cks August 27, 2021
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Pablo is the most amazing guy you could ever meet. He cares so much it’s insane. He is the sweetest guy you know and is very charming. Any girl is extremely lucky to have a pablo. He is the most cutest guy you know and has the perfect face and body you could ever imagine. Everything about pablo is perfect. He gives the most amazing hugs and the best kisses imaginable. He will try his hardest for you and do whatever it takes to make you happy. He is so funny and just so damn sexy. The way he smiles and shakes his head is always the cutest. He can make you smile at any time. Pablo’s make the world go round!
Girl: Did you hear about her new boyfriend?
Girl 2: Yeah, he is such a Pablo!
by Adipants17 August 21, 2018
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1.Good looking guy with a golden tan.

2.Likes to flirt with girls.

3.Makes girls fall for him very easy.

4.Preppy but likes to dress defferent every other day.

5.Gives awesome hugs :

6.Is damn good in bed. Mmmmmm he did things that know one else would do to me ;

7.Very good kisser! Does this little trick with his tongue, omg feels so damn good when he does it on my neck!

8.And has a nice shaved penis that is even golden tan its self *I think he tans naked too* ;

9.p.s has a nice butt i just wanna grasp!
Girl #1 "Man oh man there goes Pablo"

Girl #2 "He has such a cutie"

Girl #1 "And he has a nice butt, just wanna sqeeze that tight lil tush"

Girl #2 "I want him to be my pool boy so bad"

Girl #1 "You dont even have a pool"

Girl #2 "I know ;"

Both girls *giggle*
by Britlovesya April 27, 2009
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A confident Latino male, successful, a true gentlemen and a big spender. Someone who enjoys working out and looking good. Someone who can handle his liquor, a smart individual who always brings his (A) game to a party. A charmer, a good friend, a bomb lover, and someone who gives the best relationship advice. If you date him he's the guy you'll always remember. Women check him out all the time. He blasts music and wear his killer shades like a true Gent in his nice ride just to get the attention of that girl that is g-locking him. In need of attention just to keep him going. A sweet talker. Someone who knows he's good looking and its just a matter a time before he finds that right girl that is worth his time. A guy to fall in love with...A keeper! Has a tendency to date girls that start with J
You know if he is a Pablo because he is a people person, easy going, a good friend and girls if you're eyes tend to stare at him he'll never admit a girl is fly because he knows they'll take it to the head.
by paquito April 30, 2012
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