Another way of sayin damn bro!
Ari:I got a whoopin last night

Lele:Thats Tuff
by ariyannashanice November 25, 2018
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An adjective to describe an unfortunate occurance
John: Did you hear about Ricky? He was one mark off an C in math class, now he can't graduate.
Colin: That's tuff.
by tugsten4000 January 31, 2018
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Is used to respond to a terrible or bad thing that happens
Ski mask the slump god: I just failed my Spanish test
Juice WRLD: that's tuff
Bella Hadid: I just fell on the runway
Gigi Hadid: Oh that's tuff
by September 9, 2018
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adjective Slang for tough

difficult to perform, accomplish, or deal with; hard trying, or troublesome. It could also be used as a slang meaning remarkably excellent; first-rate; great.
All the glasses broke, we have such a tuff problem.
by la gran mini lechuza November 19, 2009
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1(adj.) used to describe an extremity of extreme awesomeness.
2 (v.) to smoke
3 (n.) a kind of dank smoking herb
4 (v.) to fart or bescumber
Example A.
It was (1)tuff to see all of the Deadheads (2)tuffin' on the (3)tuff.

Example B.
"Look at that dog tuffin' on that tree!"
by spook & bean May 22, 2009
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Cheesy Hair band from The late '80s and early '90s with Stevie Rachelle, who owns Metal Sludge. Had a hit in '91, but then Nirvana came, and they went into obscurity.
Tuff's hit was I Hate Kissing You Goodbye.
by jkgl;kghjkl;g August 15, 2005
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'Tuff' is the level/rating scale of how hot a chick is.

It is determined by the number of "f's" you give to her:

2 "F's" is the standard for a hot chick,
1 "F" is for a decent chick
0/No "F's" is for fat, ugly, gangly, or lurpy chicks.

***Occasionally 3 "F's" is thrown out there for an absolute knockout, but should be reserved only for someone you would leave your wife for.***
While walking down the street, you see a hot chick and shout out either to your buddies or yourself:

"2 F's" or "Tuff!" or "T-U-Double F"-->Hot chick
"1 F" -->Decent chick
"No F's" -->Fat chick
by LogicalSarcasm July 20, 2010
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