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someone who betrays a confidence.
to squeal, to tell tales, to inform the police of illegal activites.
touts out!
fucking bastard touted on me and i got 5 years!
by anger management June 05, 2003
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Slang word used in Northern Ireland to describe informants who give the police and army information on suspected terrorists and people involved in terrorist activities
"TOUTS BEWARE"(Graffity that is seen in quite a few areas of Belfast)

"Johnny is a tout he has been working for special branch the whole time"

"Your a 10 quid tout you would sell your neighbours out anyday of the week you bastard"
by Harry69 January 12, 2009
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A commonly used slang in Nigeria referring to a street thug, hoodlum or dodgy person, that is often dangerous.
The touts were trying to extort and harass vulnerable pedestrians.
by Krazicat August 29, 2019
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1. someone who purchases tickets for an event then sells them on at a much larger price at the "entrance to the event" or on ebay.

2. someone who purchases any spare tickets you have for a fair price then event "at the entrance" then sells them on at a unfair price.

see also scalper
guy1 "there sold out ill just get it on ebay"
guy2 "from a tout are you mad just think you would probably have a ticket at the right price if it wasn't for that ass hole."
by Urban Dictionary December 28, 2005
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a lookout who looks out for people coming when someone is doing something they shouldn't like stealing or having a sly tab; if they see someone coming they shout tout! then everyone acts as if nothing was happening. Keeping tout is an art which must be perfected. The slightest lack of concentr ation could result in your mates getting nicked.
rite lets have a tab; jimmy keep tout
*teacher comes*
*everyone acts as normal*
by Andy the king of love December 11, 2005
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drug dealers who shout out drug availability on the street
There must be a new stash, the touts are out.
by Jim King December 18, 2004
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