when someone does a super short, super high pitched scream-like noise.
by {*Allison*} September 9, 2007
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Let's go squeal on the reclina.
My boi dirty J got some good shit.
by Squealiumton May 9, 2009
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Another term for pinch harmonics on a guitar. It is an artificial harmonic, achieved by brushing the thumb of your picking hand against the string in the same stroke as the pick. The resulting tone is very high pitched and shrill sounding.
Dude 1: Why are my ears bleeding?
Dude 2: Because I just squealed through my fully cranked Marshall stack.
Dude 1: What?

Nu-Metal fan: Dude, Pantera is so cheezy.
Ghost of Dimebag Darrel materializes and performs a brutal squeal and proceeds to whammy it up 3 octaves. The nu-metal fan's head explodes, ruining his mom's new drapes.
by SmashCrab March 14, 2008
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A derivative from the italian word "squillo" meaning "ring", "beep" (also a euphemism for "prostitute"). It refers to a short ring on a mobile phone that does not require an answer to the call. It's used as a quick and cheap way no notify somebody e.g. that you're arrived in a place. Teenagers also use it a lot as a way to say "I'm thinking about you".
- I'm going to meet you at the cafe later
- OK, then give me a ring when you arrive
- Man I can't, my mobile's out of credit
- Well, then just give me a squeal
by golden the pony boy January 28, 2009
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One of various pick-hand harmonics that can be played on the guitar; they come in a few flavors, all of which are fucking sweet.
Andy: This (nu-metal/emo/indie) band isn't THAT bad-- did you just hear that Zakk Wylde squeal?
Greg: Well, he fucked it up a little...it came out more Gibbons than anything, but yeah.
by AdamX June 9, 2007
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Amy: This thing costs $100!
David: For squeal?
Amy: For squeal!
by redstripe March 14, 2007
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intransitive verb- The act of telling on someone(snitching) and recieving a reward in return.
To turn informer; betray an accomplice or secret.

Squeal to the cops.

All he does is squeal
by tsero ugbeye April 15, 2006
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