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this is the act of an emo advertising a shitty underground band, thats so exclusively underground they havent left their parents garage. usually have names like the jesus slippers of gods big crotch or the frozen frog manglers
i'm into emogratification, theres a band so underground dont bother looking for them called the jesus slippers im the band fluffer and johnny x is a rock god i love his cock most.
by da origanal playa May 19, 2006
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a filthy eastern european herion addict who breaks into someones house when the owners are on holiday and generally wreck the joint then claim to be refugees when the police are called and claim political asylum. 2 a person who has been made homeless at no fault of their own and break into decrepid houses in a bad state of disrepair that have been abandoned, then make the place inhabitable only to be forced out by the police and offered a hostel instead. 3 an american jew who's family has lived in the states for 200 years and tries to live in a bombshell of a house in the westbank when the israeli government has offered him a new house with fitted kitchen
fuckin squatters broke into my house and shit in the cupboards.
by da origanal playa May 17, 2006
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Irish term for protestants in the north of ireland. British term for illicit tobacco in prisons.
did ye see them snouts on the news last night attacking holy cross girls school with blast bombs and bottles filled with piss?
by da origanal playa May 17, 2006
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slang for someone named campbell as in campbells soup. also term used for catholics in ireland who in 1845-50 changed religion after being offered soup by the protestants during the irish halocaust to save themselves from starving along with the rest of their irish neighbours. usually identifiable as an irish protestant with an irish surname.
soupie bastards sold out for a bowl of broth after jesus died for us on the cross
by da origanal playa May 17, 2006
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slang from the occupied 6 counties of the north of ireland. a tout is a grass a stool pigeon, one who sells out their neighbours for 10 quid.justice for a tout is swift.
holy fuck liam how long did the tout last?
ach 10 minutes, sure it was easy once i stuck the plastic bag over his head and held him under the water.
by da origanal playa June 04, 2006
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a derogatory term for a scot or welsh person. usually used by english people to describe themselves or when talking about scotland and wales. a bastard race born out of saxon/german/frankish/anglo and roman inter breeding not to confused with the celtic or gaelic race. a native of the island of britain. absolutley nothing to do with ireland.
zola budd and greg rusedski two of the best brit sports persons of all times
by da origanal playa May 18, 2006
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a people with a hatred for britain, which is good. a nice country with rivers and stuff and black forest gateaux,chatex,ghatex. well black forest cakey stuff which is lovely. absolute beer monsters just like the irish. not to be confused with australian where arnie and hitler are from.
hi im german you like to fuck me? (irish fella) aye sure but im not into kinky stuff im not gonna pish on ye.
by da origanal playa June 03, 2006
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