Allow me” is a morphological usage within mid-2000s London slang. It emanated as a variation from the popular grime phrase (Allow it bruv!) This original phrase was popularised by figures such as Dizzy, Wiley, Bashy and Sway-

It briefly pushed “Leave it Outtt” as a youthspeak phrase functioning as a page-turned in conversation from a point of contention, dispute; annoyance or ridicule.
The morphological change has outlived the original phrase somewhat. Retaining the imperative mood but with a reflective quality; lazy people have used it to good effect to shirk workloads and pass over emotional imperatives from friends, family & lovers
Girl: "You forgot my thing cos you were doing something silly! You're selfish & only care about yourself"
Boy: "Allow me man!"

colleague1: "you said you'd cover my shift if I finished your report"
colleague2: "I forgot I can't"
colleague1: "But you-----"
colleague2: "Allow Me man: I get this enough at home from the missus"
by bl00perrr November 8, 2014
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Give to me, let me borrow. Often used among friends
Oi, blud! Allow me yo' mobile to phone my bitch!
by Crabsoneyes January 6, 2005
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