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adj., n.: short for retardation. connotation of being absurd, silly, or ridiculous.
Background: Derives from a sentence uttered in Cody Banks: "My name is Banks, Cody Banks"---- "My name is ation, Retard Ation."
A: "I can't go to the show with you because I got grounded."
B: "Ation! That sucks...."
by May November 24, 2004
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Dude that chick is definitely ational.
I’d say that ocean falls ational.
by NEWER WORDS August 18, 2021
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The opposite of salvation. The act of becoming unholy
I can’t desire if I want salvation or slave-ation
by Bibleman234 July 4, 2021
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A Singapore slang used to describe doing something without carefully measuring.
We just did a bit of agar-ation, not measuring anything for the waffle mix.
by Vesper Lee July 4, 2018
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If a vacation where you stay at home is now called a stay-cation, then a vacation where you have to go someplace awful is therefore a suck-ation.
If you have to spend a weeks worth of your paid time off to go to your in-law's house, that qualifies as a suck-ation.
by Boodles Toodles July 28, 2009
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A real word that describes the sensation you feel before collapsing.
I felt a collaps-ation and then I fell.
by Not Voltreus July 19, 2021
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This is why I don't date girls, because i always it always ends up in a shitty-ation. Bitch be trippin'.
by DyldoBaggins April 9, 2012
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