A stool pigeon is a person who might be a criminal or a spy sent in by the police to act as an informant.
"Hey keep your mouths shut around this new prisoner; he might be a stool pigeon!"
by azn_dude April 25, 2016
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A person who can be otherwise known as a Rat, Nark, or Tattle Tail. He/She suffer's the unfortunate proclivity towards debasing him/herself by engaging in sociatal suicide.
by Mathew Cunningham August 02, 2003
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a turd that flies out of your butt
safari guide: at 4 o' clock we can see a wild stool pigeon, a fine specimen indeed! and there is the father who appears to be shitting out one after the other.
by tardexecutioner April 19, 2011
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Brent: Thomas really did that because they told him to and that it would be okay.

Mark: Man, what a stool pigeon.
Brent: Indeed. Wish he would have consulted with me prior. I would have told him that did not sound right.

Mark: Right...
by AB01_T April 19, 2018
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(v.) When upon quickly leaving a rancid smelling public restroom, of which smell you are not responsible for, you are met with scorn and disdain from a person entering the restroom.

cf. "shat up"
The state of being accused for making a bathroom stench that was actually made by an earlier user.

To stool pigeon (trans.): to accuse wrongly another person of creating the foul stench in a public restroom as she/he leaves and you enter
On my way out of the men's room I was stool pigeoned by Dr. Farnsworth.
by craigb January 17, 2008
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A nice way of saying, or calling someone a Shit Bird. Usually used in regards to those that are dirty in any manner imaginable.
Man, that dude is a slob, what a stool pigeon!
by Detmurds April 03, 2009
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