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Word used by Sydney and Melbourne lads usually said when greeting another lad or lads it can mean cool sweet or hello
Lad 1:"Eshay whats happening lad"

Lad 2:"Eshay bra just got back from centerlink"

Lad 1:"Wanna go for an ession bro"

lad 2: "Hell yeah eshay to that I still got a stick on me from last nights ession"

Lad: "Eshay I got some beers at home to"
by Harry69 January 30, 2011
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A man of the street a gangster a tough nut a man who knows the street code
Don't mess with him dude he's a man of the street
by Harry69 June 30, 2011
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That one person at the bar or club who sits alone doesn't talk to anyone and just has a drink by himself
Look at the lone drinker over there I wonder what must be going through his mind
by Harry69 April 20, 2011
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A person with no friends, A person who wishes to be left alone
Person 1:"Look at the loner over there hasn't he got any friends"?,

Person 2: "I tried to make friends with him yesterday but he comes across as a weirdo so I'm staying away

"They say the kid that shot up the school was a loner with no friends and was picked on most of his schooling life
by Harry69 April 20, 2011
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A British & Irish word used to describe a male aged between 9-30 years old or depending what way you use the word it can also be from 0-9 years old
"Where having a lads night this friday you up for it?"

"Those young lads are up to mischiff"

"My wife just gave birth to a wee lad"
by Harry69 July 6, 2007
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A sub-culture of Australian male youths aged 16-25 who wear Nike TN shoes Canterbury tracksuit pants nautica t-shirts with colars poped wear white Nike dri fit hats and usually carry a bumbag,They also wear other clothes such as adidas trackies or adidas hats or carry adidas bumbags or nike bumbags,Usually they hang outside train stations shopping malls or parks looking for innocent people to mug or pick a fight with most lads are usually skinny and no taller than 5 foot 9 some have ice scabs from doing to much drugs..
Guy 1:Dude your such a lad Guy 2:why? Guy 1: Look at you man Canterbury trackies ya TN'S n ya dri fit hat haha :Guy 2 yeah man I look like a sik cant eh?

Lebo guy:Cuzzy I hate lads. Lebo guy 2:I know man they try dress talk n act like us eh bra?

Teenage kid:Man I got rolled yesterday outside the train station Teenage kid 2 :Wtf you serious was it lads rolled ya Teenage kid:Yeah dude n they rolled this other kid last week apparently, thats what the cops said...
by Harry69 March 1, 2010
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A subculture of Australian youths who copied the CHAVS from the UK, They like to wear clothing such as Nautica,Nike,Adidas, Hoodies and wear white nike baseball caps peaked up,They like to hang out in shopping centres public parks drinking alcohol and taking drugs and harassing anyone who is smaller and weaker than them but run or back down as soon as you stand up back to them, So basically little men but big coats fit them
Normal Person 1:"Look at those idiots over there acting real hard because they're drinking liquor in the park and shouting out stuff at people"

Normal person 2: "Oh what do you expect look at them they're lads"

Lad 1 "Eh bra just got dis new push bike bra"

Lad 2 "Sik cun who'd ya roll for that"

Lad 1 "Sum lil 10 year old he even cried for his mummy"
by Harry69 June 10, 2009
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