1) a dick
2) someone that acts like a dick
1) he has a huge todger
2) mike is such a todger
by holyroman April 18, 2005
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A big fat hairy cock. Or a seish kebab!
pass the chutney before my todger goes cold!
by kepy seema September 22, 2003
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Penis Dick Cock basically a hilarious word for male genetalia

Often used in chatrooms
1: Hit 111111111 if you'll flash on cam!
2: (insert name here) is a 48 year old fat greasy todger with 3 kids and a wife.
by TejTejTej August 15, 2006
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a name for a penis, used famously by the late Oliver Reed
I'd like for her and my todger to get well acquainted
by Ed the Viking April 27, 2010
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To describe something that's small, most commonly a penis, but can be used to describe anything small.
Person 1 : Do you want to see my dog?
Person 2 : Yeah okay
Person 1 : Here it is
Person 2 : It's only a little todger!
by midlandriot September 30, 2011
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when a person is f*****.
Used by a sad and sorry little cfo in Chatswood
by db November 27, 2003
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