When a heroin addict/junkie is dope sick (is going through withdrawals) because he's out of heroin, hasn't done it in a while or forgot to save a wake up for the morning—then Pedro comes by with a bag of smack and the junkie smokes, snorts or shoots his dope—a few minutes later the dope sickness wears off and the junkie was able to get well.
"Damn, I'm dope sick—Pedro better get here soon cause I need to get well, like NOW."

Nickie was fixing a bag of smack for me so I could get well.

I was dope sick so Shawna came over with a bag of dope and got me well.
by Ex-Junkie April 20, 2012
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1. What you say when someone/something dies.

2.What you say when someone/something either fails misrerabally, gets destroyed, or has no chance whatsoever of recovering.

Dude one - "Did you hear the news? Boyd Coddington passed away today"

Dude two- "Man that sucks. Get well soon Boyd."

Get well soon low gas prices.

Get well soon Titanic.

Get well soon Michael Richard's career!
by tehgmaster August 12, 2008
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get well soon is the fifteenth track of sweetener. Its a song about the manchester bombing arena. The song's length is 5:22. Thats how long the bombing was for. at the end there is 40 seconds on silence as a tribute to the victims during the bombing.
friend: why is there 40 seconds at the end of get well soon?
me; its a tribute to the manchester bombing attack
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1. expl. syn. w/ 'fuck off', origin: UK early aughts
2. expression of one's desire to get turnt
3. have excellent sex
1. "You can go and Get Well Fucked for all I care"
2. "The hood rats were getting well fucked in tha club"
3. "last night I got well fucked"
by biggie_fan1999 June 15, 2017
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Marijuana.Coined by Seb Demian aka 835 of the International Friends and popularized in the graffiti feature film "Bomb the System."
Is Bill Gates home? I got to pick up some Get Well Soon.
by Apu January 7, 2005
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What you say to someone when they are very bad at something.
*CitizenFish headshot tehleet*
Insomniac: get well soon
CitizenFish: same
by Insomniac March 8, 2005
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