1.A Pak/Indo condiment made with spices.
2.A Carribean type of music.
I eat chutney on my rice.
by Salma January 25, 2004
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A type of music, made in mainly Guyana & Trinidad. This type of music has soca, and broken english broken down into it. The beat is usually fast. And something you can wine fast to. Chutney was made from the west indian people of Guyana and Trinidad.
by Extacy February 16, 2007
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The substance that comes out of gay man's ass when he farts. A mixture of shit, semen, and vasoline.
Dude, that gay guy probably has to scrape the chutney off his wall every night.
by ReidG August 12, 2007
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An abbreviation of "Chutney Ferret" (homosexual) from the viz profanasarous.
Look at that chuttney.
by Chutters Maximus October 7, 2003
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the most cutest, nicest, funniest, smartest girl you'll ever meet. if you find yourself a chutney..you really are lucky
hey, i want a girl like chutney
by camronelijah March 15, 2010
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v. To push one's testicle into the anus and remove in a rapid motion creating a combination pop/suction sound.
Damn, she looks good enough to chutney. I'd sure like to give chutney her.
by Ahab the Whaler May 26, 2006
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