a minecraft player who finds all of the loot from end citys before you get a chance
guy 1"i just looted 19 end citys last night"
guy 2"bro your being a jake TMB"
by jjsadventures December 12, 2021
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-Stands for Team Monster Biscuit. A professional Super Smash Brothers Melee Team located in the Midwest.
-TMB itself is when you do something that is generally very easy to do that responds with great payoffs.
Your opponent in a video game Kills himself thus you win the game. This is a TMB moment.
by Me14k April 4, 2008
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jenny : alrighty Im getting on the plan now ttyl

Roxy : ok Tmb when you land
by Malden April 17, 2022
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"Hey, Why Didn't You Tmb?"
by threat~threat November 25, 2016
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TMBS, or " Too Many Bitches Syndrome" is a rare disorder in which the male or female obtains too much sexual action from the opposite gender.
"Yoo he must have TMBS the way he gets all those girls"
by Local Accountant June 2, 2022
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