1. Abbreviation for too many birthdays
2. Too die of old age.
1. idiot 1- Did you here that old man Grundlechoad died?

idiot 2- No what of?

idiot 1- Bad case of TMB I guess
2. I had to junk my car it had a serious case of TMB.
by sweatygooch August 02, 2010
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-Stands for Team Monster Biscuit. A professional Super Smash Brothers Melee Team located in the Midwest.
-TMB itself is when you do something that is generally very easy to do that responds with great payoffs.
Your opponent in a video game Kills himself thus you win the game. This is a TMB moment.
by Me14k April 04, 2008
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“Tmb when you see this, I want to talk to you”
by Goat777 March 04, 2019
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