Take me back. Used when reminiscing on a positive memory; a more logical form of tbt.
Paul: Wow! Remember that really fun time we had at that party?
Erica: Yeah! Tmb.

Andrea: Tmb to freshman year...we were so weird!
Michelle: Omg seriously do NOT tmb.
by mildredthecar April 4, 2015
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Try me, b*tch.

Test me, b*tch.
Can also be used as:

dtmb; don't try me, b*tch.
ftmb; f*cking try me, b*tch
• dftmb
• dtm (you get it now?)
Friend #1 : don't do that.

Friend #2: sorry, mom.
Friend #1: tmb 😬🖕
Don't fucking try me bitch
by HoodGirl in a WhiteTown January 22, 2017
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tmb = Tag Me Back,

used on forums an sites like that
hey tmb we can chat more.
by Ricky G [Abaddon] July 27, 2004
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Tounge My Balls

1) A peverse sexual act involving licking (tounging) the balls.

2) A funny insult
alright darling can you TMB?

TMB bitch

Hey Tobin, TMB
by Thacks October 4, 2006
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