Anyone who is 20 years older than you are
Old age is a shifting scale. When you are 10, 30 is old. When you reach 30, 50 seems old. When you reach 50, 70 seems old and so on. So it is a shifting scale where nobody ever thinks they are old.
by MrMagnesium November 1, 2012
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miserable tight old cunt who cant afford to buy a round of beer
person 1: oi its your round
person 2: i cant afford this im a old age pensioner
by vWarspite August 13, 2022
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A secret old age verification system, similar to the one known as age gate which acts as a technical protection measure used to restrict access to digital content to those who are not of the appropriate-age. But Old-Age Gate runs secretly and is used to identify those (at least in the US) who are age 40 or older (that’s when by law you’re in a protected class). Old-Age gate system then captures tons of unverified info on individuals it determines are in this group.The info is purchased by anyone secretly who is willing to pay the price and is used to do things like: deny employment at all levels, restrict access to health services or even deny claims on your health insurance, or deny extra policy coverage and life insurance. Old-Age gate reports also show exactly how much money you earn or receive and what you can afford to pay for anything. A company pays for a report, mostly likely through a data warehouses, and uses it to market stuff to you. Also, if it determines that you are really old, it has been known to sell info on the what/where you purchase. because you have limited freedom to travel somewhere else. **A key thing to note: In order for Old-Age gate to work, you must all believe it does not exist. Because although your personal info has tons of value, you the individual owner must not profit from the buying and selling and reselling of it… infinitum.
I ran into an old age gate in my job search. After my 3rd interview with a company for this job (where I meet every qualification, and don't have a criminal record or low credit score) or expect to have a life of my own, the company ghosted me. They gave me no reason when I asked at least 3 times. Moreover they hired someone who was under 40 that is less qualified but they are paying less. The person was in the waiting room when I interviews and found out a day after they told me my references were all awesome and they would start the check.
by clark2tru October 8, 2018
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a place where old people are dumped by their nice relatives
...particularly now that Granny's gone back to the old-age dump and they can let their true feelings really rip.
by radek October 10, 2006
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A good insult to against people you despise.
She’s as blind as my watered-down 16-year-old aged Siamese bald cat and looks like it too.
by electrobaalsword December 15, 2021
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when you still suck your thumb at an old age such as 5-11
me: I suck my thumb. Them: oh so u have a thumb sucking at an old age me: yes
by JON DOH7487387847847 March 31, 2022
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