“Tmb when you see this, I want to talk to you”
by Goat777 March 4, 2019
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Short for Tiny Muscle Bitch.
Juny is late because he decided to go the gym again, he’s such a TMB!
by Lexiconcious November 28, 2021
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Hey tmb I miss u

It’s been hours tmb
by Bri_beans April 22, 2022
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An acronym for "too much boob". Can be used when someone is showing too much boob. Can be used as a caution or when someone Is being a hoe. Can also be used positively.
" we're taking another selfie because you had tmb"

" I was about to send him that snapchat but it was tmb"
" Girl you're showing tmb I love it"
"The principal is coming tmb
by Qpzm November 21, 2016
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too much blood often used when a girl has her period and has a heavy flow.
by burgandy sauce March 31, 2020
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Brian, Luke, and Godly are always together”

“Because their the TMB”
by Wats valdimy December 9, 2019
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