Take me back. Used when reminiscing on a positive memory; a more logical form of tbt.
Paul: Wow! Remember that really fun time we had at that party?
Erica: Yeah! Tmb.

Andrea: Tmb to freshman year...we were so weird!
Michelle: Omg seriously do NOT tmb.
by mildredthecar April 5, 2015
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Try me, b*tch.

Test me, b*tch.
Can also be used as:

dtmb; don't try me, b*tch.
ftmb; f*cking try me, b*tch
• dftmb
• dtm (you get it now?)
Friend #1 : don't do that.

Friend #2: sorry, mom.
Friend #1: tmb 😬🖕
Don't fucking try me bitch
by HoodGirl in a WhiteTown January 23, 2017
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jenny : alrighty Im getting on the plan now ttyl

Roxy : ok Tmb when you land
by Malden April 17, 2022
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tmb = Tag Me Back,

used on forums an sites like that
hey tmb we can chat more.
by Ricky G [Abaddon] July 27, 2004
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Tounge My Balls

1) A peverse sexual act involving licking (tounging) the balls.

2) A funny insult
alright darling can you TMB?

TMB bitch

Hey Tobin, TMB
by Thacks October 5, 2006
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Trojan Marching Band, also known as The Spirit of Troy from the University of Southern California.
The TMB is the greatest marching band in the history of the universe
by Rick Cox November 5, 2007
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tmb is an acronym for 'text me bitch'. It is used to text your friends when they have clearly gotten distracted from what is most important to them, texting you back and entertaining you when you're bored.
Colleen: Blah blah blah Zane!
Zane: Blah blah blah Colleen!
30 minutes with no response...
Zane: ...tmb! :P
Colleen: Blah blah sorry I fell asleep blah!
by inzaneinthemembrane June 1, 2011
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