Omgg is a short version of the phrase Oh my goodness gracious. Can also be used for those religious types that don't like to use the Lord's name in vein.
omgg, did you seriously just stick your hand in there?!
by Matthew Hardnack July 15, 2008
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an extra emphasis of the common phrase omg used on the aol instant messager
sarbear: "omgg he did not just say that!!!"
chreesta: "omgg yes he definitely did... omgg"
by christa marie<33 March 15, 2005
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stands for Oh My Gay God. Refers to the uber popular Myspacer Matthew Lush or the "Gay God."
Jen: "Omgg, Matt Lush's live Stickam show was cancelleddd!!!"


Jen: "OMGG!!! I just typed in "Matt flip your hair!" on the webchat box off of his Stickam live show and HE FLIPPED HIS HAIR!!!" *faints*
by Meredithh May 13, 2007
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Acronym for Oh My Gossip Girl mainly used in IM conversations

refers to the popular American show Gossip Girl

used when someone finds out or is about to tell someone an amazing piece of gossip.
1) OMGG!! did you hear john cheated no sarah with her brother?!

2) OMGG no way!!
by mwuah xx March 6, 2009
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meaning "oh my gay god"
as in matthew lush. (gay god)
omgg. he is so sexy.
by mannfredd May 17, 2007
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Oh my good god. The way to say "oh my god" if you want to be extra.
Omgg, that meme is too dank for me!
by iitzoat March 7, 2018
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o my good god
used in instant messenging and online whatnots
omgg dont tell me she hooked up with him!
by judah[jude] April 19, 2007
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