A short, fat kid who only has fake friends, loves buttholes, especially his dogs, and girls who aren’t into him,brooke.
John why are u staring into ur dogs butthole? Ur acting like a real cz.
by foreskin McGee January 24, 2022
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I am from CZ.
International tel. are code for CZ is +420.
by caraiss February 14, 2008
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"That's a nice ring, too bad it's a CZ"
by mainOffender November 16, 2005
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Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

The World's #1 Action Game Introduces a New Brand of Single-Player Gaming!
1: wanna play CZ?
2: w00t, ok, f00l
by [Cyanide] March 31, 2004
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Swarovski crystals (Typically used as an acronym; used by people who know more about earrings and piercings.)
I want to get a custom pair of white gold earrings with some CZs instead of actual gems to decrease the sum.
by THATONEPHAM January 4, 2019
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The CZ 75 is a semi-automatic recoil-operated pistol introduced in 1975 by Ceská Zbrojovka Uhersky Brod. It is chambered for the 9mm Parabellum round and features a high-capacity double stack magazine, sturdy all-steel construction, great accuracy, and superb reliability. Ceská Zbrojovka claims the CZ 75 and variants are in service with "more Governments, Militaries, Police and Security agencies than any other pistol in the world." It is known to be in service with the Czech police, the Turkish police, and various police forces in the United States.
Long-time advocate of the 1911 Col. Jeff Cooper hails the CZ 75 as the best double-action autoloader available.
by Rifleman July 29, 2006
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Bloodz Cz is a gang-brotherhood in the CZech REPublic.
It represents the gang Bloodz world-widely.
CRIP CZ: Ay man ,whatchu lookin' at?
MOB ( bloodz cz) : Straight at dead.

Blast him off
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