TMB is the abbreviation of 'The Midnight Beast' a parody band from YouTube which contains Stefan James Donald John Abingdon,Ashley Neil Horne and Andrew Francis Wakely Or Dru for short.
TMB are probably most famous for their parody of Tik Tok by Ke$ha.
Dru=The Bearded One
Stefan=The Curly Haired One
and Ashley=The camp one.
Person 1-Whose your favorite in TMB?
Person 2-Stefan Abingdon
Person 1-No way Ashley's where its at
Person 3-No your both wrong Dru is where its at!
by hi.. December 11, 2011
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1. Tongue my balls
2. To Matt Bennet
1. That chick last night was a bitch, she can go TMB!
2. This is important info TMB.
by RaYmantus October 3, 2006
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That ad just set off my bull shit detector it definitely had TBMS.

by K111A222L333E444D555 May 16, 2006
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Beth- Hey cutie
Richard- Sup simp b*tch
Beth- I love you take me forever baby
by Whatta Juul December 30, 2021
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**Disclaimer: No racial offense meant, but may be incurred** TMB aka Thick Minority Bitch, is a derogatory phrase used by members of various gangs in southern California to describe a preferable type of girl they would like to hook up with. The phrase applies to members of any race except white, and members with thick booties/tits.

Plural: TMBz

Etymology: Used by many latinos.
Damnnn ese! That TMB is off the chain! You know I like my TMBz thick holmes!
by T-Boney April 20, 2007
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Touch My Body. A phrase you can use in place of "high-five!" or "we raped them"
Use 1: We did so well today! TMB! Nice.
Use 2: We won that game 82 to 36. We touched their bodies.
by AwkwardMomentz February 9, 2011
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