This plainly means Touch My Balls. This can be used in a number of different ways especially as an insult or just as a friendly gesture. Love it!!
"come and T.M.B bitch!!!"
by blabs September 24, 2007
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texas mexican ballers high rank notorious mexican that got all the girls and the rides usally with the mexican drug cartels
man look at those tight rides iam gonna rob them .........hell nah those are tmb they cut your head and kill yo family
by fly281 July 05, 2009
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thats mighty bogus..................................
Thats mighty bogus jen and dawn are tmb
by DAWJEN April 22, 2006
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Touch My Body. A phrase you can use in place of "high-five!" or "we raped them"
Use 1: We did so well today! TMB! Nice.
Use 2: We won that game 82 to 36. We touched their bodies.
by AwkwardMomentz February 08, 2011
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**Disclaimer: No racial offense meant, but may be incurred** TMB aka Thick Minority Bitch, is a derogatory phrase used by members of various gangs in southern California to describe a preferable type of girl they would like to hook up with. The phrase applies to members of any race except white, and members with thick booties/tits.

Plural: TMBz

Etymology: Used by many latinos.
Damnnn ese! That TMB is off the chain! You know I like my TMBz thick holmes!
by T-Boney April 19, 2007
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