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Pronounced TAR FAR by hicks, this is a pile of tires that is constantly on fire in a small town called Springfield. They have never put it out, but that's only because they are too lazy to even try.
How did a giant pile of tires get into the middle of the town, let alone catch on fire and stay like that for years? Exactly
by beattie April 16, 2005
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The act of two heavily obese persons having sexual intercourse with such vigor and friction that two spare tires create a blaze of fire.
That's a tire fire waiting to happen.
by Luffa August 25, 2008
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When a furious handjob is given while wearing a textured or ribbed condom.
Lucinda up on 67th only charges $5 for a Tire Fire.
by Robotrousers July 19, 2016
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A term used to describe a sex marathon in which many condoms are used.
Chris went to town on that girl all day. He was safe and used rubber everytime... It was a damn tire fire.
by Chris Nillz April 12, 2007
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